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Vectron POS Mini

Vectron POS Mini

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Product Information:
  • The smartest of its size.
    The POS Mini is the optimum cash register for the small business - and at the same time offers reserves for more space and branch solutions.
  • Monochrome or color, 32 or 64 bits?
    The Pos Mini is available either with 32-bit processor and monochrome display or with 64-bit processor and color display. The 64-bit version distinguishes itself optically by high-quality applications in stainless steel and offers additional reserves for large network installations. Both types offer six serial ports, two cash drawer connections and one parallel port. The 64-bit version comes up with two additional USB-ports. Printers, scanners, magnetic card readers, drawers or scales and drink dispensing systems can be connected to both models.
  • Doubly convincing.
    The hardware-overlapping, flexible cash register software allows the POS Mini to be applied in various branches. 15 of the 50 leading bakeries in Germany already apply the POS Mini. In Fast-Food-Chains and canteens the POS Mini also plays its trumps. The experiences and suggestions of our customers decisively influenced the design of the POS Mini. The foldaway display signalizes "ECR open" or "ECR closed". When being opened, the optional customer display is swiveled over the point of sale or the counter and the user display is optimally adjusted to the user. Additional external customer displays can be connected. The flat keyboard of the POS Mini underlines the orientation towards customer requests. The labeling can be exchanged within seconds and neither splashes nor crumbs can damage the keyboard. Like all other Vectron POS systems, the POS Mini can be networked to other Vectron models. The high integration is underlined by the fact that open guest checks, hold buffers or invoices can be taken over from all cash registers in the network. Its optimum application is in small premises. Whenever extensive PLU menus are required, the POS32 or the POS ColorTouch are advantageous.

Processor:  64 bit
Memory:  8 MB Flash ROM, 2 MB RAM, optional upgrade to 4, 6 or 10 MB
PLUs:  100,000
Departments:  65,535
Cash registers:  200 per network
Printer:  100 per network
Network:  10/100 BaseT Ethernet
Power Supply:  100 - 240 V (external)
Display:  5.7" with 320 x 240 pixels in hinged lid, CSTN (colour) design
Ports:  2 USB (Host & Function), 2 ports for 4 cash drawers, 1 PS/2 port, optional parallel printer port
Weight:  app 3120g
Dimensions:  8.8"(W) X 6.0"(D) X 13.6"(H)

Memory extensions (+ 2 / 4 / 8 MB)
Internal / external customer display
Table stand in special steel
Various clerk locks
Various peripherals (printers, scanners, cash drawers, card readers)

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