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Vectron POS Modular

Vectron POS Modular

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Product Information:
  • The POS Modular combines innovative design and excellent performance whilst requiring only minimum and variable space. The whole cash register is hardly larger than the screen itself. The advantage:
  • The POS Modular can be used wall- or rope mounted, recessed into the working surface and installed wherever a conventional cash register design would be disturbing.
  • The large TFT-monitor supports the user in case of extensive PLU selections and special options and its input possibilities exceed by far those of a conventional cash register. The table map of a restaurant is displayed as clearly as the product range of a bakery with more than 100 different breads and rolls. The excellent display quality of the monitor allows perfect reading even from unfavorable angles. A clear advantage if the user is not sitting in front of the cash register but integrates the data input into his normal working procedures and movements.
  • Its intuitive operation allows a correct handling even by untrained personnel.
  • The optimized splash proof construction of the POS Modular protects the cash register from damage by wet hand operation or water spills.
  • Fast 64 bit-electronics, a fail-safe and extendable memory as well as numerous interfaces underline the leading role of the POS Modular. Six serial interfaces, one parallel and two USB-Ports allow a flexible combination with peripherals like printers, scanners, magnetic card readers, two cash drawers and an external keyboard. Two new USB-ports take into account future developments in the field of peripherals.
  • Despite this large number of options, cables and connectors do not disturb the perfect design: a compartment at the bottom of the housing accommodates all plugs and connection cables.
  • Where keyboard and touch screen are required, you can expand the POS Modular with an external keyboard. Like all Vectron POS systems, the POS Modular can be perfectly networked to other Vectron models. Common utilization of printers, hold buffer- and guest check floating and lower failure rates are only some of the advantages an ECR network provides. Whether as stand-alone or integrated in a network, with the Vectron Commander the POS Modular can be programmed, maintained and read out from remote. An ideal combination for all branch-solutions.

Processor:  64 bit
Memory:  8 MB Flash ROM, 2 MB RAM, optional upgrade to 4, 6 or 10 MB
PLUs:  100,000
Departments:  65,535
Cash registers:  200 per network
Printer:  100 per network
Network:  10/100 BaseT Ethernet
Power Supply:  100 - 240 V (external)
Display:  15? 1024 x 768 (XGA)
Ports:  2 USB (Host & Function), 2 ports for 4 cash drawers, 1 PS/2 port, optional parallel printer port
Weight:  app 2480g
Dimensions:  14.2"(W) X 12.4"(D) X 3.0"(H)

Memory extensions (+ 2 / 4 / 8 MB), Monitor Vectron D150, VGA-Cards, Various clerk locks, Various peripherals (printers, scanners, cash drawers, card readers)

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